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11 August 1916

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11. 8. 1916.

My dear Father,

Many thanks for letters from you & Mother & Cecily & for a cake & other eatables from the family. The weather continues though it rained a bit yesterday which was a pleasant relief rather than otherwise.  I can tell you nothing of where we are & what we are doing.  I gather that George is in the country & I suppose will be disporting himself on the territory which was lately Germany which ought to annoy Wilhelm somewhat. I am in the trenches again & am at the moment being violently strafed by the Bosch, who is not putting many over but is putting them all round here.  The whole place is covered with dust at the moment, as the last one burst just outside the door, luckily with no damage to anyone except a shock to my servant. He might have bagged the G. O. C. & C. O.’s in here if he had only but the top of the dug-out, but he didn’t & has now ceased which is just as well.

The posts have been hopelessly irregular lately & there have been no newspapers for 3 days.  I wonder if you would order at Wisden’s next door to Leicester Square Tube Station 1 dozen footballs to be


packed so as to come out by parcel post.  I want their best quality, which cost about 12 /-, if they are for the troops & if you would pay for them I will send a cheque for the amount.

Love to all