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30 July 1916

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8th Queens

B. E. F.

30. 7. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for a couple of Magazines & for various letters which are no doubt coming when the post arrives.  Another beautiful day & we are keeping the sawbath [sic] with a little church in an orchard & lots of sleep.  I have no news.  the Somme show is going all right & we saw the C. O. of one of the Battalions who has been in it & his description was very interesting.  Apparently they are now running motor lories across what was No Mans Land & they had roads built right across directly the advance was made.  The Bosch tramways behind are very useful


& save us a lot of trouble in getting things up, though I suppose it takes time to get them in to working order.

We have just received a great compliment from the G. O. C. of a regular division who was motoring through yesterday & expressed his great surprise to our own Divisional bloke that ours is a service Battalion, & certainly compared with the appearance of many of them our chaps don’t look bad.

There is no more news.

Love to all