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25 June 1916

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8th Queens

B. E. F.

25. 6. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Very many thanks for your letter to-day, the cutting was a present to me & nothing would induce me to part with it.  I expect there are some other copies of the Herald about, if you ask.  Please thank C. & G. for their letters & I am also much obliged for the promise of the cake.  Odd sent me a very good cake & sponge sandwich yesterday.  I have heard nothing of these reports about writing nothing but post cards & I am quite sure no one wants to stop the letters from home, as the mail time is the brightest spot in the day.  I trust G. & W.’s portraits will prove to their liking.  If they appear in Punch, I trust that the joke will not be in their physionomy, but in the wording attached.

I have been round the line this morning & gather that they have been having a cheery time there, as the Hun has been sprinkling them with minnies at 220 lbs of High Explosive a time, & they are quite noticeable


when they explode.  My new boots have just arrived from Harrods having been nearly 2 months in getting here, also Bubble & Squeak from Cecily for which many thanks.

The aeroplanes seem very excited to-day & consequently 2 archies which are living close to our farm are strafing for all they are worth, which means that they will be shelled by the Huns in retaliation which probably means that we shall make a hurried exit from this farm & watch from a safe distance. Such is war.

Love to all