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4 August 1916





8th Queens

B. E. F.

4th August 1916.

My dear Father,

Many thanks for a box of excellent cigars, & also a letter from Odd & another and a postcard from Mother.  I was greatly interested in the group though I have failed to identify several of the portraits.  I am glad you have managed to get a little juice for the pram. I’m afraid 6 gallons a month won’t carry you far, but please don’t save any up, as Lord only knows when there will be any more leave as things seem to be quite active still & one never knows when they won’t start a strafe somewhere or other.

The weather is still very hot & sunny & but the wind has got up to-day, so it is rather more comfortable than it was. Please tell Mother that my Trench boots should be all right & I shall probably need them again this winter –  but we must wait & see.

I have had letters from C & O. also a book The Weavers which arrived just as I had finished the last one, the Red House which I never acknowledged.

At the moment we have no mess, so we feed under a tarpaulin stretched on posts with the table laid on the ground and a couple of trenches cut in each side to put your legs in – quite a good idea.

Love to all