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25 August 1916

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25. 8. 1916.

My dear Odd,

Many thanks for your letter to-day.  I went to Shillingford in the pram just over a year ago & should very much like to see it again as it seemed an ideal spot with an excellent pub, but perhaps you did not patronize it.  It was the home of the Asquith family I think (the place not the pub) & I saw the redoubtable Master Antony A. careering round the place.  An interval as the battalion has just arrived and I must arrange for its disposal.  It doesn’t do to leave beer about the place or it would go very quickly, & quite without your noticing it. We have had some football for the men this afternoon & now there is an open air concert going on with a 9.2 pooping off just behind. How anyone can hear anything beats me


but they all seem to be enjoying themselves. I should think the Hun will come over soon & drop a bomb to cheer them up a bit more.  Why do you refer to Constance in so bored a way.  You should enjoy your cousin more.  I am sure she takes a very great interest in all your doings. There is no news – the usual strafe continues though we are now behind it instead of in it which makes a lot of difference.

Love from Jack.