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31 August 1916

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B. E. F.

31. 8. 1916.

My dear Father,

Nothing to acknowledge to-day, except a letter from Glad. for which I have written to her. There is no news.  I am at the moment back in the transport line with the migraines, what time the Battalion is up in the front line.

The disease is very prevalent at the moment & I got a bad dose early yesterday morning just as we started on trek to come up & as I didn’t get better I stayed back last night.  However I fancy I shall go up to-morrow & I don’t think I have missed anything as they are only sitting in trenches dodging whizz bangs. The weather the last two days has been too filthy for words & the trenches must be indescribable. I have seen some men who


have been in them the last few days & I never saw such disgusting looking objects. However it is fine now, so perhaps they will dry up a bit by the time I get up there to morrow.

To-day is the anniversary of my arrival in France last year – an interesting year but I don’t know that I am keen on repeating it & I daresay it won’t be necessary to do so. They say now that the difficulty [now] is not to get shells to fire, but to fire off the amount of shells they give them, which looks well for the future when we get more guns going.

Love to all