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28 March 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
28. 3. 1916.

My dear Family,

I have again moved & am now in a farm house about 600 yards behind the line, but as it lies in a secluded hollow & the Bosch is over the next edge or more or less so, it has not been strafed & except that the windows are mostly broken & the roof is not so good as it was, by reason of shrapnel I suppose we are quite comfortable. We marched from our last place this morning & the C. O. & I came on here, but the Company also coming here mayn’t arrive till dusk, as they would probably be seen on the way, so on arrival we had to spend some time collecting wood for the fire as there is no coal. While here the Battalion is split up among 3 farms in an area of about a square mile. & they all seem quite comfortable & extraordinarily quiet. However I notice that the Hun had strafed a cottage on the way up, which was quite all right yesterday, so he is not absolutely muzzled. I think it was probably because the last crowd here had a parting go at him just before they went & chucked over everything they could from mere bombs to 9” crumps & he had to do a little in reply.

There is no reason to revise my yesterday’s estimate of our reunion viz. Saturday prox, so please expect me then & please make sure that the water is hot because I shall need a bath

Love to all