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4 June 1916

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8th Queens

B. E. F.

4. 6. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for your last letters & to-days Autocar.

We had a very interesting little strafe last night, as someone thought that they would like to startle the Bosch, so they turned on a lot of artillery & other engines on to a certain part of his front at a given moment which of course we knew & he did not.  It was very interesting to watch when it began as the whole place suddenly burst from comparative peace into a most unholy Din.  At the said moment I saw all the sky behind light up at once with the flashes of the guns & then I heard the big fat shells whispering their way through the air above & then at once the pip-squeaks nearer by & then one could distinguish nothing as the noise of all the guns reached one.  Then the whole line of Bosch trench became illuminated & it was quite interesting to watch for a few seconds, till the old Bosch woke


up & got his guns going in reply & then I found I had urgent business within the depths of a very strong dugout which we inhabit on such occasions, where I stayed for some considerable time with occasional peeps to se the state of the weather.  Some shells one can trace going through the air from the sparks they leave, I suppose bits of burning fuze but most of them give no sign till they arrive.  When we had done, the Bosch soon quieted down & peace reigned in the air.

It is sad to hear about the Navy but it is fairly obvious that those ships sacrificed them- selves so that the whole fleet could have a bang at the Bosch.  I expect they will be a bit more cautious in the future.

Love to all


P. S. Perhaps the birthday honours list will interest you?