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10 September 1916

Peirs_Le_1916-09-10_01 Peirs_Le_1916-09-10_02



10. 9. 1916.

(rec’ 16 9 16)

My dear Father,

Many thanks for a book from Hatchards & a box of cigars. – no letters have come lately however & I think the posts must be all wrong.  Will you please let me know that you have got my cheque for the car insurance & the 7. 13. 8 for the footballs, which arrived all right & are very useful now. We are still out of the line & the men are getting a good rest.  We sent off a party of them this morning to the seaside for a couple of nights, which they ought to enjoy, but I doubt if we shall have time to work through the whole lot, & there is some talk of some of the officers


getting a few hours in one of the bigger towns in rear with the chance of a bath & a recherché meal, so if you get a P. C. from me from some such place you will know why I’m there.  Church in an orchard this morning & a particularly dull padré.  I hope you are having a decent holiday with good weather.

Love to all


I have still no address to write to you at.