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28 May 1916

Peirs_Le_1916-05-28_01 Peirs_Le_1916-05-28_02


8th Queens
B. E. F.
28. 5. 1916.

My dear Father,

Many thanks for your letter yesterday. I am very glad to hear that your arm is so much better & that you can do Special Constable again, & I trust that they won’t haul you out of bed at odd hours to do it. Please thank Cecily for a Strand & L. O. & P. S. If she will order the  Strand to be sent me monthly I should like it, as we don’t get it here. I wonder if you could have a look at a typewriter for me. We want one for the Battalion. It must be strong & not too big or complicated – to take foolscap size paper & in a leather case. I think something a little stronger & bigger than your own at home (I forget its name) & I don’t want to pay more than about £12 – less if possible. I will send you a cheque, directly I know what it costs. I would write direct to Harrods or some such place only they would be sure to send some-thing quite unsuitable. I rode into our Metropolis yesterday for no particular reason, & came back with some delicacies for the mess.

The G. O. C. of our Army comes to-morrow to present medals to the people who got them the other day, so I suppose we shall turn out in force to greet him. I have met him before & he is a nice old thing.

I am sorry you have lost Porter and I am afraid you will be short-handed, till you can find a young woman to take his place.

Do you notice how the Bosches are reported to be fortifying their lines round Liège etc. I wonder if that means that they are going to retire on to a shorter line, as Hilaire Belloc has suggested so often.

Can someone get me a new khaki tie, not knitted. & not too light in colour. I will send a cheque for odds & ends like this when I can find my cheque book.

Love to all