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23 August 1916





8th Queens

B. E. F.

23. 8. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks to you for various letters & papers, a box of cigars, socks, copies of Gs letters.  I have no news I can tell you. We have been in a small show & are now out of the line again with the prospect of a little rest, which we’ve not had lately.  I got hit by a bit of a shell the other day on my right forearm, but it only bruised my arm & I didn’t notice it 5 minutes afterwards. However I may appear in the list as a wounded hero, so don’t worry if you see my name.  I don’t know why they are going to put it in but it looks well. I am writing to the bank to send Father a cheque for the footballs, which have not yet arrived, but will probably come to-day or to morrow.

Love to all