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29 May 1916

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8th Queens
B. E. F.
29. 5. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for various letters & papers & the cake, which I fear was rather crushed but otherwise very good. There is no news, as we are still back behind the line & probably having too much  to eat & smoke & too little exercise. The G. O. C. of the army came round this morning & gave away ribbons to various people who have won medals from time to time – & made the usual little speech expected of such luminaries. It is very curious how they are awarded, as each recipient has his deed of valour read out to the congregation assembled, & the comparison between the accounts as read out & the actual facts as known is very curious. When One man a Doctor got a Medal for the way he looked after the wounded under heavy shell fire & I know for a fact that on the occasion in question he never left his dressing station, and his arrange-ments were as bad as they could have been & if there had really been a shell anywhere near him there would have been a lot of casualties among his patients, as they were all sitting out in rows waiting to be attended to. Really there wasn’t a shell anywhere near him, but I suppose he talked big when he got back & his superior Doctor recommended him for absolutely nothing. As far as I can see anyone who chooses to come back & tell a good story after these shows can get something, as there is probably no one to say whether he is telling the truth or not. Still his is a particularly blatant case.

Remember me to Aunt Katie. When do G. & W. think of returning to the jungle?

Love to all