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5 July 1916

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8th Queens

B. E. F.

5. 7. 1916.

My dear Mother,

Many thanks for letters from yourself, G C & Odd.  Also for a box of cigars from Father.  I fear I have not written for several days as we have recently moved (I think I told you that) & Peter Bye has been ill, so I had to do adjutant, but he has now recovered.

I was on a Court Martial all this morning deciding with some very mild malefactors.  Of course everyone is very interested in the war, but we don’t get much more news than you do from the papers. I gather that the old Bosch was prepared for us in the northerly part but not in the south where we & the French have advanced further & I hear


to-day that the French are right through & having pushed their cavalry through & found nothing, are putting their infantry through as well. 2ndly that a whole Batln. of Prussians surrendered to us en bloc & 3rd that 2 Saxons have come over somewhere & said that if we can arrange it they will all come, as they are sick of the whole thing.  I have heard similar tidings before.  If all this is true, things must be going simply A1.  I think the idea was to catch the Bosch napping all along the line, & they thought they had, but they appear


to have been incorrect.  It looks to me as if he will have to retire, so I hope we shall be pushing after him very shortly. Of course he may have more men in spare, but I don’t know where he is going to get them, as they can’t spare any on the East & the Verdun lot won’t be much use for a 2nd show elsewhere.

Please let me know if you get the button & coins, as I still have a Bosch bayonet & N. C. O.’s Tassel to get rid of.

I was in our metropolis 2 afternoons ago buying things & had my horse taken, luckily it was returned by the idiot who took it before I had started to walk back & I hope he got startled as my animal wants some knowing


& the fool took him in mistake for a mild old beast which it would insult any horse much less mine to be accused of resembling.

I hear one of the Guards Battalions made a big raid the other day with the whole battalion & when they got into the enemy trench they found two miserable Huns – whom they presumably captured.

It is very wet & likely to continue so

Love to all