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28 July 1916

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8th Queens.

B. E. F.

28. 7. 1916.

My dear Father,

Many thanks for your letter & for one from Mother both received to-day.  It is certainly curious how the sound of the guns varies as on some days they are as distinct as possible & on others one can hear nothing though the wind is the same.  I am positive I heard the Verdun guns when we were at Hooge but everyone said I was a liar.  However it is no further than from you to Albert. It may depend on the sensitiveness of ones ears.  I see that another of our Battalions has been in the thick of it, from to-day’s Casualty List & I suppose our turn will come in time.  As far as I can gather many regiments ^ battalions have been through, with extraordinarily few casualties – one Division got into the Bosch front line with only 3 – & others have been more or less badly knocked.  I suppose it


depends on the variety of Bosch opposite.

We are still out of the line & have had the men out on parade.  They need a little drill as Trench life is not ideal from a discipline point of view.  The weather is gorgeous & altogether we are having a very pleasant time.

I am sorry to hear that there are a lot of Carshalton Casualties.  I saw that they had got young Madder.  I ran into a Mill Lane Man in Well Walk the other day, Well Walk being a trench we both have frequented from time to time.  I didn’t know him & I don’t know his name now, but we had a short chat.

Love to all